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Yamaha bike price in Bangladesh 2022

Yamaha bike price in Bangladesh 2022 Specifications:
If you are a bike lover, then you must know about Yamaha bike prices in Bangladesh 2022. This yamaha is the most popular official bike in Bangladesh. The bike has come to the market with many hopes, aspirations, features, and curiosity. This bike captured everyone’s mind long before its launch. So let us know about the Yamaha bike price in Bangladesh 2022.

Yamaha FZS FI V3 Design and Appearance:
Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS design and look is a dream bike. Designs and shades of colors make the riders attractive. Hopefully, This new version will fulfill all the needs of a rider. The design of this new version looks sharper.

Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS has three colors:
Dark Malt Blue
Grey Cyan
All the above-mentioned colors are bright and sharp. The bike has no decals other than branding. The attached glass with minimal decals makes the bike look more beautiful.

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Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS’s instrument cluster is very informative. This bike has everything needed in the instrument cluster. It also compliments an informative instrument cluster.

Yamaha FZS FI V3 Physical Characteristics:
Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS has height 1080 mm, length 1990 mm, width 780 mm, and weight 137 kg. There will be no problem with the aerodynamics of this bike. The bike also has an average wheelbase of 1330 mm, which helps the bike to balance the wheelbase perfectly.

Engine details

This Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS bike has a 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, and 150cc engine. The engine is available in two variants: 2-valve, SOHC, and air-cooled: fuel-injected and carbureted. The fuel efficiency of the bike is around 45 km.


The Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS has arrived in the country with an essential wet multi-plate clutch. The bike has a V-belt automatic, but the V-belt automatic considers the power structure for this bike.

Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS Brakes:

One of the highlights of the Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS is the addition of another brake bike. There are variants in both front and rear brakes. But since the rear brakes of the bike are discs, it is perfectly suitable.


The Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS has a telescopic fork at the front. The front forks are damped and coil springs. However, as the front suspension is a bit stiff, it might be a problem for commuting in busy cities.

Target audience:

The new Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS is ready for new riders with all the essential features. To make riding easier for riders

Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS has several advantages:

Great view.

high torque

High ready pick

Digital Speedometer

Thick tires

Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS also has some disadvantages :

Water gets inside the speedometer

Fuel sensor underestimated

Low power battery

Clean the lower ground

yamaha bike price in Bangladesh 2022:
Recently Yamaha FZS FI V3 ABS was launched in Bangladesh. yamaha bike price in Bangladesh 2022 is Rs.2,20,000/-

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee that the information on this site is 100% accurate.

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